Jewelry Tray

$397 USD

Size 20 x 30 x 2 cm

"J'amois makes French vintage-inspired jewelry boxes and displays that are handcrafted in Ukraine from Italian silk velvet. Because why shouldn’t your jewelry have a beautiful place to sit? How gorgeous is this autumn maple-colored jewelry tray? 
And, if you’re looking for a breathtaking-but-practical piece to top your dresser or vanity, look no further than their necklace busts."

ETA and delivery
Please, let us know if your order is time sensitive.
Expedited DHL shipping is a gift from our side!
Takes up to 2 weeks around Planet Earth.
Discover delivery details here

Due to the artisanal nature of progress, some things can take longer, than we expect for custom orders — anyway we will keep you updated and progress with Charlie’s Angel’s precise.  

Estimate creating timing:
Basic (made-to-order, not hand-dyed items) 1-2 weeks.
Basic custom (not hand-dyed items with custom sizes, etc)
3-4 weeks.

Hand-dyed custom 8-12 weeks.
Wholesale orders — estimate 2-4 months, shipping partially on demand.


Treat as yourself!
Protect from sharp, heavy objects and bad vibes.
Please don’t throw it away and hurt it.
Keep in shadow, because direct sun rays can fade the gentle color.

It loves you unconditionally, be kind too.

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