Powered by flame. Artwork by RHADS

Rainbow process, Dnipro Atelier

Space, place & materials is a part of creation. J`amois scissors collection, Dnipro Atelier 

Gross grain ribbons, Ultramod, The Oldest Haberdashery in Paris

Silk velvet, Dnipro atelier

Mousse, Antique silk velvet, Paris, 2022

Luxury brands leftovers hunting, Dnipro, 2021

Calligraphy by Yana Boyko. Monogram process, Dnipro, 2020

Octo ring box, debossed with 24-carat gold-plated letter, Dnipro, 2019

Yana`s table, Dnipro, 2020

Dnipro, Shevchenko park, 1960

Powered by Noir Coffeeshop Concorde, Paris, 2022

How was born J`amois name, Dnipro, 2021

Under Yana`s eyes, Noir, Paris, 2022

Joking. Pure hands only. Dnipro Atelier