Venus pearl velvet ring box



2019, I met my friend Yulia in the coffee shop near our atelier.

We talked about our favorite places in London. She met her destiny and moved because of her fiancé. The purity and feminity of her soul together with warm memories of the majesty of the Victoria Albert museum inspired me a lot.

I back to the atelier and immediately turn it into a concept. I glued pearls to a ring box to make sure it looks exactly how I imagined.

The final product comes with hand-stitched baroque natural pearls. It takes almost 8 hours just to stitch them one by one.

Like a couture dress.

And for every J’amois box customizing is possible and even recommended!


All boxes handcrafted at our manufactory in Europe (Ukraine) from the world`s best materials using silk velvet sourced around the world. Mostly Italy, France, UK.

Our monograms are created by electroplating. The basis of monogram coating includes natural metals: gold, nickel, copper. Therefore, the product does not lose its luster with time. These items have a very expensive and stylish look. And, importantly, last for many years. They are resistant to fading and mechanical stress. This is real metal, not a texture.

5 x 5 x 5 cm



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