Star Silk Velvet Ring Box


Our velvet box is made for that very special request. It evokes a lot of excitement even before it is open. Possessing it means to keep your jewelry with chic and grace, so one day you can proudly pass your ring to your children.


Created by craftsmen from the original Italian and French silk velvet, decorated with gross-grain ribbon, each box is special and unique. It has no flaws - each bend and indentation makes this handiwork exceptional and special.

Besides, we have created an electroplating method for our monograms, which makes them resistant to fading and mechanical stress, and does not lose its luster with time. The basis of monogram coating includes natural metals: 24carat gold, nickel, copper.

Some words about care

We guarantee that your piece of jewelry will be worn by generations if care instructions are followed. Please keep the box in a dry place and avoid humidity and direct sunlight as well as contact with sharp and heavy objects.

ETA and delivery

J'amois is a local company, which does not engage in mass production. Each piece is custom-made, nevertheless, we try to produce your order as quickly as possible - within 7-10 business days.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to become the owner of our velvet treasure, so we deliver boxes around the world complementary. Please, pay attention to delivery terms - it usually takes 14-21 business days depending on the date you place your order and your location.

If you decide to buy our product just at the last minute before an important event, we can arrange a paid express delivery by DHL and in a few days, your order will be in your hands.

We kindly ask you to make allowances to the delivery terms. We do our best so that you receive your box on time; however, actual terms depend on postal services.

We are not responsible for any duties/imports/taxes/customs/etc. that you may be charged.

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